Van full of moving boxes and furniture near house

The “Gen Z” generation is obsessed with moving into bigger cities. Their generation enjoys fun things to do, food, nightlife, adventures, and affordability! They are always looking for something to do and where they may want to relocate to. Staying in their hometowns is not always what they are looking for in their futures.

During the pandemic, every generation saw themselves flocking to cities that have lots to do but at a much more affordable cost. These ages range between 18 and about 25. They are consistently moving to different cities each and every day to start new paths in their lives. There are a few major cities in which Gen Z is very frequent too. Those cities include New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, and even Chicago! As someone who formerly lived in Houston, I also migrated there during the peak of everyone else also moving. Right now, there are ten cities that Gen Z have truly made even bigger with their newest additions, according to USA Today. One South Carolina city not only made the top 10 but came in at No. 2. Do you know which one? Check out the top 10 cities that Gen Z is flocking to below.

  1. Washington D.C. – 22,471 moved in
  2. Columbia, SC – 12,228 moved in
  3. Boston, MA – 17,237 moved in
  4. Atlanta, GA – 10,367 moved in
  5. Austin, TX – 9,360 moved in
  6. Nashville, TN – 11,138 moved in
  7. Syracuse, NY – 7,421 moved in
  8. Philadelphia, PA – 12,947 moved in
  9. Madison, WI – 8,804 moved in
  10. Tampa, FL – 7,799 moved in

Check out the full list here to see what all cities made the full 27 list.