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Are you someone who enjoys working? Yes, hard to believe but there are certain people that enjoy working. But, it does have to be the right setting in order for them to work. Finding the perfect job in the perfect city can be tricky, but it is possible. Honestly, that’s how I feel about this job right now. It’s the perfect career in the perfect place that I enjoy. But, maybe you’re not there yet. Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect city.

iSchool Connect knows how that can be, but they are here to help. Many people even outside of the country dream about living here and working here in the U.S. But not everyone can make it, unfortunately. iSchool Connect has the top ten best cities to work in the U.S. and you may be surprised by the results. Or not. One South Carolina city made the list, which isn’t quite surprising. It’s also one of the most popular cities in South Carolina as well. Any guesses? Well, Charleston, South Carolina is one of the country’s best cities to work in. It’s named one of the best to live and work in, especially for those working from home.

Charleston is also one of the more “safer” cities in the state of South Carolina. You can also have fun when you’re off of work and check out some of the local attractions. If you’re looking for a new job in South Carolina, then maybe you should look into the Charleston area. I left, but maybe you would like it! See the full list here and see what other cities made the list across the country.