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I’ve been going to concerts for a LONG time! As a rock chick, my first show was in 1984 and I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen bands live. I’ve seen Ozzy Osbourne 11 times, and that’s the most I’ve seen one band/musician. According to a new study, North Carolina concert goers are some of the worst in the country!

According to a new study by No Deposit Fan, North Carolina has seen an uptick in disruptive concert goers, especially in the last year. Loudwire says the study is basing bad concert crowds on their behavior, and the things they are doing while at shows. The data isn’t broken down by the genre of music, but it does say the majority of participants in the study were Millennials.

In the 80’s, concerts were the best! If you were a rock fan, you’d get to the venue early to wait in line to get in. Most of the shows back then were general admission so it was first come/first serve as far as seats went. Since I was a teen in the 80’s, I’d usually try and get as close to the stage as possible.

Any obnoxious behavior at shows in the 80’s was usually because someone was too intoxicated. We didn’t have cell phones, so a person filming the show in front of you wasn’t an issue. Shows were crowded, but most people were respectful. Yes there was pushing, but it wasn’t crazy!

In this study, the things people find most disruptive at shows are excessive use of cell phones, loud talking, disregarding personal space, pushing and shoving, and overly intoxicated. There were a few other behaviors the study looked at as well like not following venue rules.

Since I’m older now, 53, I’m NOT a fan of massive crowds. Getting up close to the stage is not something I do lots anymore. Of course now at most shows you have an assigned seat. I do find the overuse of smart phones annoying. I’m short so if someone is in front of me with their phone in the air, I can’t see. And if it’s a tall person, I’m totally out of luck!

The study also shows that folks are seeing more rude behavior at shows than before COVID. Personally, I think I’ve been to two shows since COVID. Being away from people for so long has definitely effected me. My tolerance for rude people and big crowds is low.

Luckily, most of the bands I dig, I’ve seen live at least once. For me to hit a rock show now, it’s gotta be an act that’s on their final tour or a musician or band I haven’t seen yet. I miss the vibe of the 80’s rock shows. At least I have great memories! You can see more info on the concert study here.