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You’re going to need to go ahead and grab the tissues. It took me a few minutes to get through this story, as I went through a few different emotions quickly. Reading this story filled my eyes with tears. This story makes me sad and angry, but luckily, there’s a happy ending.

A story is going viral of a North Carolina dog that was left out with the trash. According to People, sanitation workers found a 4-year old American bulldog mix in an animal crate on September 7. The dog, Moe-Moe, was discarded next to several piles of trash for pick-up. Reading this makes my face hot with rage at the people who did this. Concerned about the poor dog, the sanitation workers called animal control for help.

The Hoke County Animal Shelter in Raeford, North Carolina, took over the care of the dog from animal control, and posted pictures of the dog on their Facebook page. Their post on Facebook shows several sad pictures of Moe-Moe. In one of the pictures, you see the poor dog in a crate, surrounded by piles of trash, an old scooter, and a plastic bin with a chew toy on top. How someone could do this is beyond me!

After posting pictures of Moe-Moe, the shelter let folks know that the sweet dog is housebroken and is great with kids and other dogs. Moe-Moe’s heartbreaking story went viral. Hundreds of people commented on the post and over a thousand people sharing the dog’s story.

Happiness Is Happening For Moe-Moe

Five days after sharing Moe-Moe’s story and pictures, happiness!  On September 12, the shelter announced that the sweet boy was adopted. They shared pictures of him with his new owner. In one of the pictures you see Moe-Moe smiling in the car with his new mom.

Thank you to the amazing sanitation workers that helped this poor pup, to the Hoke County Animal Shelter, to all the wonderful people on Facebook that shared his story and to his new family! I’m so very happy for this sweet dog and his new life!

I know it’s wrong to wish ill will on others. That said, I hope the people that left this sweet dog abandoned in a crate with no access to food or water in the heat, sitting beside bags of trash, deal with some serious karma. Charges against these people should happen! If the authorities are unable to charge them with animal cruelty, I hope they one day run into someone like myself. I’d have no problem dealing out some ‘karma’ to these folks. UGH!

Happy life Moe-Moe! Wishing you lots of love and hugs!

People on Twitter: "'Sweetheart' Dog 'Put Out with the Trash' by Previous Owner Finds Loving New Home / Twitter"

'Sweetheart' Dog 'Put Out with the Trash' by Previous Owner Finds Loving New Home



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