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Happiest Cities In The Nation List Ranks This North Carolina Spot At Number 7

It's absolutely true that where you live, work, and spend your free time can affect your state of mind and overall happiness.  A new study ranked the happiest cities in the nation.  And, the list ranks one North Carolina spot at number 7. Which North Carolina City Ranks 7th In Happiest Cities In The Nation CBS17 reported that personal finance website SmartAsset looked at factors across 90 of the country's largest cities to find the happiest cities in the nation.  So, guess what?  North Carolina's capital city of Raleigh landed at number 7. Raleigh often lands on this list when it comes to measuring the quality of life.  And, the ranking of yo-yos depends on the study. How The Study Arrived At The Happiest Cities In The Nation And, a few of the points the study examined in determining the list included a number of residents in the $100,000 + earning range, marriage rates, and health and life expectancy.  But, Raleigh really scored nicely when it came to 'mentally unhealthy' days residents have per month. According to SmartAsset, the average number of days considered 'mentally unhealthy' for Raleigh residents was just 3.9 per month.  The percentage of households earning $100,000 or more was just over 38%.  And, the life expectancy was 81.6. Furthermore, the rate of health insurance coverage for one of the happiest cities in the nation hovers right at 90%.  And, the poverty rate for Raleigh is 11%. Ok, so those are the nuts and bolts with nice pretty numbers and data.  But, happiness is a state of mind, right?  Theoretically, yes.  However, surroundings, earning potential and other factors do impact your state of mind. Therefore, the way I see it, if you start with a good launch pad, i.e. a city with nice bones, you're off to a good start.  Personally, I have never lived in Raleigh.  But, I know folks who have.  And, one absolutely cherishes her time there.  But, the other wishes to never return. Plus, if you find yourself in a city with fond memories such as college experiences, that might solidify your happiness scale.  And, there's plenty of that to go around with NC State and nearby UNC. So, it's an interesting read if you'd like to check out the full SmartAsset study.  By the way, Charlotte is on the list quite a bit further down!  

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