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Festive Large Ornament Decor For Big Holiday Cheer

Phil and I have chatted before about big, holiday decor for your yard or home. Although I'm Jewish, I love the big ball ornaments that you see in department stores or in a large yard. You can find them online, but usually they're pretty pricey. Women's Day has an article featuring some great, eye-catching Christmas decor that won't break the bank! Some of the items in the article are for your tree, inside and outside, and other items are huge and are great for your porch or yard. My favorite on the Women's Day list, and the thing that caught my eye, is the 18'" Peppermint Candy Ornaments. They are adorable! Not only are they cute, but they're also shatterproof. A bonus if you have small kids or a cat that likes to take a swat at your tree. I've seen these in people's yards, and I love how they look, the large indoor/outdoor plastic Christmas balls just scream fun! You can get them in different colors, and they really do add some 'WOW' to your holiday display, indoors and outdoors. Amazon has them for only $34 each, so grab a few now while they're on sale. If you have a large porch or patio, the Sphere Lighted Display will look amazing as part of your holiday decor. The dazzling LED lighted display comes in white or multi-color and it has lots of positive reviews on Wayfair. And if you don't want to hang them, you could put them on top of a big planter in your home or outside. For the longest time, I've wanted a tree to decorate for Halloween. I don't usually have a Christmas tree but thought an all-purpose tree would be fun. I found a 6.5-foot white Christmas tree on It's in my room and I'm making a snowman tree to leave up all winter. There's something about the lights on a holiday tree that's calming. I haven't finished it yet but am planning on completing it this weekend. That said, it's in my room now and as soon as I get home from work, I plug it in. Snuggled in bed with the dogs with the tree on is the best! Although the Women's Day story doesn't mention this, I've found some inexpensive things for the holidays at Since I'm going with a snowman theme, I decided I needed some snowman figurines and decor to go with my tree. I think I spent about $40 on six different items at Hobby Lobby. Check the site out! They have some really good deals along with Walmart and Target.   [ss-signup design_id="1935073"]

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