Christmas is just around the corner and although it is a wonderful time of year, it is not friendly to the environment. As a result of this year’s COP26, we are all aware of how important it is to take care of the environment.

No matter how big or small, the food waste you generate or the wrapping paper you choose can all make a difference to the environment this Christmas. Recycling experts reveal 10 simple ways for a more eco-friendly Christmas. You can see them below.

  • 1. Invest in a Reusable Advent Calendar

    A chocolate advent calendar from your local food store has a lot of throwaway packaging, but they’re one of the best festive traditions. Eco-friendly living doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this beloved tradition. Just invest in a reusable calendar and fill it with your favorite treats each year.

  • 2. Opt for a Real Christmas Tree, Instead of Fake

    Real Christmas trees are more environmentally friendly than fake ones. Most fake Christmas trees are made in China, which means they have traveled a long distance, creating a large number of carbon emissions, as well as using petroleum-based products in manufacturing. However, real trees are usually grown on local farms that replant trees every season and can then be recycled.

  • 3. Find Long Lasting Decor

    When choosing decorations perhaps choose timeless classic designs that can be used year after year instead of on-trend decorations that you won’t want to use next year. Also buy decorations that are made from glass, wood, and fabric instead of plastic ones that are non-recyclable.

  • 4. Make Christmas Travel Greener

    With many people driving home for Christmas and the roads even more congested, it might be a good idea to use public transportation instead. If you are traveling abroad to visit friends or family, use Skyscanner which allows you to select eco-friendly flights.

  • 5. Cut Down On Food Waste

    Note down how many visitors you are cooking for over Christmas and write a list before visiting the local food store to avoid buying too much food or panic buying. If you still end up with leftovers then why not cook a pie or soup to help reduce waste.

  • 6. Buy Plastic-Free Gifts

    Purchasing gift sets separately helps you avoid buying plastic packaging, as gift sets are usually wrapped in a lot of plastic. Children’s toys are usually made out of plastic, so try making your own instead of buying toys that are made of wood.

  • 7. Think Twice When Wrapping Gifts

    Use twice and reuse gift bags, paper, and ribbon from last Christmas. But if you didn’t think to save last Christmas then make sure you do this year. Or if you fancy going the extra mile then why not wrap presents in a beautiful scarf and give two gifts in one.

  • 8. Give Green

    Consider giving a green Christmas gift through a non-profit organization like Oxfam International. You could donate water, food, shelter to someone who is less fortunate. There is no better gift than that!

  • 9. Try an Eco-Conscience Beverage to Serve

    There’s plenty of organic wines on the market to choose from but if you fancy something a little stronger why not have a look at organic whisky, gin, and brandy.

  • 10. Think Green When You Plan Your Outfit

    Instead of splashing out the cash on a new outfit, that you may only wear once why not opt for the sustainable option of renting an outfit. If you fancy buying a festive outfit then lookout for sustainable brands.

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