Bank Of America Stadium Using Facial Recognition Technology To Speed Up Entry

Bank of America Stadium will continue to be called that after the company extended its naming rights deal this week. However, there are some changes in store at 800 S. Mint Street. Charlotte FC just brought new head coach Dean Smith over from the UK. The Carolina Panthers will likely hire a new head coach in 2024. And if you're going to the Panthers game this Sunday, you may notice something else new. Anyone who's ever gone to an event at Bank of America Stadium has felt the frustration of how long it can take to get inside. It takes a while to scan all those tickets. WBTV reports that Bank of America Stadium will begin using facial recognition software to help speed up the entry process for ticket holders. Smile, you could soon be getting into concerts and sporting events a lot more quickly. The stadium is launching a new feature called “Express Entry.” It will allow you to essentially be your own ticket via facial recognition software. No more fumbling around with your phone to find a bunch of barcodes. Instead, a screen will take your photo and match it with your Ticketmaster account to scan your ticket. A stadium staffer will then confirm how many other ticketed people are in your party and allow them through the gate. It sounds like this really could speed things along at Carolina Panthers games. Initially, only club season-ticket members are eligible to use "Express Entry" for this Sunday’s (12/17) game with the Atlanta Falcons. If it goes well, all season ticket holders will eventually be able to opt in. Will it work if you're wearing face paint like the fan above? I guess we'll find out on Sunday. Let's just hope the Panthers give us more to smile about on the field because facial recognition definitely won't work if we have bags over our heads. [embed][/embed]