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How Much Alcohol Do Carolina Panthers Fans Drink?

Watching sports with a frosty adult beverage in hand is a pastime enjoyed by people all over the world. It's an activity that brings a lot of us together, especially during football season here in America. But fans of some teams tend to catch a bigger buzz than others. A new study shows which NFL fans drank the most alcohol during the 2023-2024 season. The Study BACtrack, a brand of portable breathalyzers, analyzed data from 28,000 smart phone-connected breath tests. They were collected anonymously from BACtrack app users on game day who wanted to know their blood-alcohol content (BAC) levels before getting behind the wheel. That's a really good idea and more people should probably be doing it. The company measured the results recorded every time an NFL fan took a BAC test from 6:00 a.m. on game day until 6:00 a.m. the next day. Some people do start their tailgating early. BACtrack found that the blood-alcohol levels of the teams whose fans drank the most were at or above 0.08%, the legal level of impairment that makes driving unsafe. The Results The study finds that Tennessee Titans fans are the drunkest in the NFL, with an average game day BAC level of 0.093%. Nashville is a party town. On the flip side, fans of the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs were the most sober, with an average blood-alcohol content level of 0.051%. That's a bit surprising given that they've had the most to celebrate over the past five seasons. Where do fans of the Carolina Panthers fall on this list? We're roughly in the middle. Panthers fans are 17th on the list with an average BAC level of 0.069%. That's also surprising considering how our 2023-2024 season went. With a record of 2-15, no one would have blamed Panthers fans for drowning their sorrows in beer. You can see the full study results HERE. Booziest NFL Fans Tennessee Titans 0.093% average blood-alcohol content level Pittsburgh Steelers 0.088% average BAC Indianapolis Colts 0.085% average BAC Atlanta Falcons 0.085% average BAC New Orleans Saints 0.080% BAC Most Sober NFL Fans Kansas City Chiefs 0.051% average blood-alcohol content level Washington Commanders 0.058% average BAC New York Giants 0.058% average BAC Baltimore Ravens 0.059% average BAC Los Angeles Chargers 0.062% average BAC

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