Spooky season is slowly approaching. So, that can only mean one thing. Time to plan your trip to a haunted house. Yes, scary, spooky, haunted, and all of the above! I am a fan of Halloween and an even bigger fan of haunted houses. Not really sure why, because I do scream and freak out but then end up laughing afterward. It’s something about being scared that is actually pretty funny to me. Weird, I know. Well, now that I am in North Carolina it’s time to find some new haunted places to try.

Blue Ridge Mountains Travel Guide has got the perfect guide for me to start looking. They have their 10 best North Carolina haunted houses guide and I am truly intrigued by what I see. If you have ever been to any of the places on this list, please let me know so I can hear a review. But, I for sure will be planning my haunted adventures this spooky season. Check out these 10 North Carolina haunted houses that are just waiting for you!

  • The Haunted Trail (Asheville)

    The Haunted Trail in Asheville is a family-friendly haunted place with a trail through the woods that offers live-action scenes and theatrical experiences. With no blood or gore, enjoy the fun with witches, pirates, and more!

  • Pinhead’s Graveyard (Canton)

    Okay, even the website kinda freaked me out for a second. Pinhead’s Graveyard is your go to spot for horror. See some of your favorite horror movie characters from The Clown and Jason to Otis and Jeepers Creepers. Located inside a building, this haunted adventure has elaborate sets and so much more to scare you!

  • The Haunted Farm (Hendersonville)

    The Haunted Farm sounds like a good time, right? Enjoy either the Lively-Tate Blood Feud or Legend of the Farm and get scared! The website gives me the feeling that this is not a normal kinda spooky… I like that!

  • Lake Hickory Haunts (Hickory)

    Lake Hickory Haunts is a haunted theme park located in the Carolinas. There is a large body of water and 13 insanely scary attractions. Enjoy immersive environments, special FX, and so much more to scare your boots off!

  • The Haunted Pyramids (Lawndale)

    The Haunted Pyramids is your chance to experience 6 haunted attractions with special FX to really scare you. There is also a station for food, drinks, and a gift shop while you wait around. From scary creatures to insane scenes, you will certainly leave this one with your heart racing.

  • Hickory Grove Haunted Trail (Gastonia)

    The Hickory Grove Haunted Trail has been scaring North Carolina for over 20 years now. In the backwoods of South Fork River, just hearing that makes you know it sounds a little creepy. Lead through a dark path filled with suspense as you never know what might pop out at you.

  • The 13th Acre (Monroe)

    The 13th Acre sounds a little weird, but the site itself certainly has me prepared to be a little scared. This haunted trail allows you to walk along side chaos as you never know who you may run into. You just might walk right into the scariest attraction you have ever seen with clowns, monsters, and more!

  • The Original Hollywood Horror Show (Snow Camp)

    Visit the Original Hollywood Horror Show and prepare to grab on to your friends as you walk through this haunted house. With multiple haunted attractions, this haunted house will allow you to interact with many different creep creatures as you go.

  • Spookywoods (Archdale)

    Spookywoods is a haunted attraction with movie quality sets, special effects, scary characters and more! With multiple attractions to get scared from you will have plenty of time to have your heart racing as you walk through this adventure.

  • Woods of Terror (Greensboro)

    Woods of Terror? Yeah, why would someone want to go here but I surely plan on it! This haunted thrill park features 10 haunted attractions for you to enjoy or not enjoy. There are also games, food, and drinks for you to enjoy after you have had a heart attack seeing the creepy features along the woods.

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