Halloween pet costumes can be expensive, so why not try some DIY? Making a costume for your pet this Halloween can be a fun process. If you want to get a little creative and make your furry best friend look super cute, we compiled a list of 5 easy DIY costumes you can make.

Be sure to send us photos if you try any of these out. Happy Halloween!

  • 1. Hot Dog Dog Costume

    Materials You Need

    • Brownshirt for animal
    • Red puffy paint
    • Yellow puffy paint
    • Tan felt
    • Hot glue
    • Cardstock
    • Marker
    • Scissors

    Instructions to Make the Costume
    1. Use puffy paint to draw a ketchup and mustard squiggle on the back of the brown shirt.

    2. Let the paint dry.

    3. Using cardstock, trace an outline of a bun shape based on the pet’s size.

    4. Cut out the cardstock template.

    5. Trace the bun template onto 2 pieces of tan felt.

    6. Hot glue each side of the “bun” to either side of the brown shirt.

    7. Let dry and then pull the shirt onto the pet to turn them into a hot dog!

  • 2. Petunia Cat

    Materials You Need

    • Collar or thick ribbon
    • Cardstock or cardboard
    • Marker
    • Scissors
    • Hot glue
    • Felt in desired colors
    • Willing pet

    Instructions to Make the Costume
    1. Trace a petal shape on cardstock with a marker.

    2. Cut out petal shape in cardstock to use as a template for felt petals.

    3. Place the template over felt and trace onto felt.

    4. Cut petal shapes out of felt.

    5. Cut a piece of ribbon that fits loosely around your pet’s neck, with a couple of inches to spare, or use a collar.

    6. Using hot glue, layer the petals on the ribbon and adhere.

    7. After the glue has dried, simply tie the collar around the pet’s neck to turn them into a PETunia!

  • 3. Pinata Pup

    Materials You Need

    • 1/2 yard each of felt fabric in orange, red, blue, green, pink, purple, and yellow
    • Plain dog T-shirt one size larger than they normally wear
    • A hot glue gun and glue sticks
    • Thin elastic
    • Narrow ribbon in coordinating colors
    • Needle and thread
    • Scissors
    • Rotary cutter and cutting mat
    • Ruler
    • 2 pom poms

    Instructions to Make the Costume 

    1. Measure the back area of your pup’s tee to determine the length of strips you need. Make several 1-inch-wide strips from each color of felt using the rotary cutter, ruler, and mat. Using scissors, make small, evenly spaced cuts along every strip.

    2. Starting along the T-shirt’s neckline, add a thin line of hot glue then cover with a fringed felt strip.

    3. Continue attaching strips, alternating colors as you go, until the entire back of the shirt is covered. Trim away any extra felt from the shirt’s side seams and add corresponding felt to the armhole, the neckline, and the bottom.

    4. Cut two hat forms out of felt. Starting about 1/4″ down from the top, begin attaching fringed felt strips, alternating colors as you go. You can see more on detailing here.

    5. When the entire form is finished, fold it over with the fringed pieces on the inside and hand-sew or glue the edges together to create a seam. Make sure to cut off any extra felt and turn the cone-shaped hat right side out again.

    6. To finish the mini hats, cut two strips of each color ribbon and stitch onto the top of each hat using a needle and thread. Hot glue on a yellow pom-pom to cover the stitching. To make it fit comfortably, cut the elastic 1″ shorter than the measurement you need to stretch under your pup’s chin. Cover the attachment spot with a square of felt to secure the elastic edges. Hot glue the elastic ends into the hat and glue the end of the elastic into the hat.

  • 4. Ladybug Costume

    Materials Needed:

    • Red and black tulle
    • 1/2″ wide elastic (for waistband and shoulder straps)
    • 1/4″ wide black elastic (for antennae)
    • Scissors
    • 2 red pipe cleaners
    • 2 black pom-poms
    • Wire hanger
    • Black hose or tights
    • Tape measure
    • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
    • Pliers
    • Black felt
    • Electrical tape

    Instructions to Make the Costume 

    1. Measure your dog’s waist and cut the elastic 2″ to 3″ shorter (depending on the size of your dog) to ensure the finished tutu will stay put.

    2. Use a tape measure to determine how long you want the tutu, making sure that the completed skirt won’t impede your pet’s movement. Cut tulle into 3″ strips that are twice this length.

    3. Match up the ends of the tulle strips so they are level making a loop in the center. Place the loop under the elastic waistband and pull the fabric’s ends thru the loop creating a knot. Continue knotting tulle onto the waistband until you’re happy with the tutu’s fullness.

    4. Use pliers to untwist the end of a wire hanger, then bend the wire into a wing shape. Wrap electrical tape around any rough wire ends then cover the wire wings with a black hose or tights.

    5. Use hot glue to secure the ends of the material near the wing’s center.

    6. Finally, hot-glue the wings onto a square of black felt (to further ensure no sharp metal wires come into contact with your pet’s back) and attach a loop of elastic, long enough to wrap around your pet’s front legs, to the underside of the felt with hot glue. You can see more here.

    7. Create Antennae! Cut a black felt rectangle that’s approximately 1″ x 3″. Bend the pipe cleaners’ ends about an inch and hot-glue this inch to the felt. On the opposite end, hot glue a pom-pom onto the tip of each pipe cleaner.

    8. Measure, then cut, a long enough piece of black elastic to comfortably wrap around your pet’s head. Attach the elastic to the underside of the black felt with hot glue.

  • 5. Bandit

    Materials Needed

    • White dog T-shirt
    • Black duct tape
    • Scissors
    • Black marker
    • Whiteboard for a sign
    • Rope
    • Hot glue gun

    Instructions to Make Your Costume

    1. Take your white dog shirt and add stripes to it. Using the scissors cut the black duct tape strips and add them to the shirt in making even stripes. You can also use black fabric if you want and glue them as well.

    2. Make a jailbird sign! Use your white cardboard to cut a square sign. Write on it your dog’s prisoner number with a marker and punch two holes with scissors in the sides to tie the rope. Make this as long or short as you need to put around your pup’s neck.

    3. Here is a video to help with making this costume a similar way

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