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Pet Owners Should Avoid Having These Flowers At Home

When Valentine's Day, Easter, and Mothers' Day pop up on the calendar, most pet owners should know to keep chocolate away from their four-legged friends, especially dogs. One of our previous dogs once scarfed down some Andes chocolate mints, foil wrapper and all, at my in-laws' house. That was a long and messy car ride home. Thankfully, Rosie survived that ordeal and lived a long life. Did you also know that those pretty floral bouquets or arrangements you might give or get on Valentine's Day, Easter, and Mothers' Day can also be toxic to your pets? TrustedHousesitters consulted with veterinarians to learn about the biggest risks to pets when it comes to flowers and plants. Roses are among the most popular flowers purchased in special occasion bouquets. While not outright toxic, roses can still pose a threat due to their sharp thorns potentially causing injuries to a pet's mouth, throat, or paws, so be sure they are placed out of reach. Other flowers, however, can be pure poison for pets. Veterinarians nationwide are warning pet owners about the potential dangers that some types of flowers pose to cats and dogs. They are encouraging pet owners to thoroughly check the contents of any floral arrangements they bring into their homes. Even the filler in a bouquet, such as baby's breath, can be at least mildly harmful. Here are five flowers all pet owners should avoid bringing into their home:

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