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Flying Venemous Spiders Invading The East Coast

Venomous Flying Spiders Spread Across East Coast. The Northeast U.S. is experiencing yet another pest issue. Joro spiders — venomous spiders with four-inch legs and the ability to "parachute" through the air — are reportedly heading to that part of the country. Invasive species expert David Coyle told CBS News that "data show that this spider is going to be able to inhabit most of the eastern U.S.." While this is horrific news, Coyle said that the spiders' venom is mostly dangerous to anything that can get caught in a web and that there is "no evidence that they've done any damage to a person or a pet." So what you are telling us is they might be scary looking, but they don't pose a threat to humans. But they sure will freak a lot of people out. They are pretty easy to spot. Female Joro spiders have a leg span of up to 4 inches. They are very colorful with vibrant yellow and grey bodies. So if Cicadas weren't enough, enjoy the new Joro spiders.

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