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It’s been way to long since my dogs have been to a dog park. Actually, Eddy’s never been! Although I used to take Kramer often. It’s a great way for dogs to socialize, play, and run around crazy! At my apartment complex, we have a huge field that is gated, so that dogs can play. Unfortunately, there’s a sewer pipe that runs at the bottom of the field, and my dogs always go right in it. Always! Other dogs run around and have fun, but my two wackos dive right into the nasty water every time. Ugh!

I need to take my two to another dog park and when I do, I need to bring a remote-control car. There isn’t a lot of information on the video, but it was posted by @joshchancey55 on TikTok. In the video, you see a massive dog park, with about six or seven dogs hanging out. Then, someone puts a fast remote-control car on the ground and cranks it up. You see the car flying past the group of dogs, and all the dogs run after it. It is a brilliant idea! So far, the video has over one million views.

It’s been a long time since I had a remote-control car, and after Googling them, they can go anywhere from 25 mph to 70 mph. Crazy! You get an RC car, roll it around a dog park, and your dog will sleep for days after running after that thing! It’s been so damn hot this summer, that it hasn’t been safe for dogs to spend too much time outside. Hopefully, the temps will cool down soon, and the weather will be perfect for pups to run around wild and have fun.

I found remote-control cars online from $20 to $700 dollars. If you want to see you dogs have a blast, grab a cheaper model and speed it around your yard or neighborhood dog park. You’ll see your dog/dogs have one of the best days of their lives! This is such a great idea! Dog owners and non-dog owners will love this video!

'King Clarence' Is My Favorite Dog On Instagram

You know I love my pups Eddy and Kramer, but I’m cheating on them. There’s a dog on Instagram that makes me laugh daily. I will look up his daily videos because I always laugh! ‘King Clarence’ is a Black Labrador and his owners are hilarious. The account is ‘jimmyandclarence’ and the daily videos rule!

In almost every video that is posted, Clarence is just sitting there, sporting his signature red bowtie, and drooling. The owners use Siri’s voice in all the videos and they’re quick witted! Lots of the videos reference current events, and I will admit that the dialogue is not for everyone. If you enjoy dark humor, you’ll love these videos.

Clarence is usually ‘commenting’ on his ‘side-bitches’ or his adventures at doggie daycare. Often he’s busting on his dad and his ‘human’ baby brother. He shares his thoughts and feelings in the funniest way. The fact that you hear Siri’s voice and see this big drooling dog just makes the videos even funnier.

The account and Clarence has become so popular that merch is now for sale. I gotta get a ‘Free King Clarence’ tee-shirt. (You’ll get it when you watch some of the videos.

Just a heads up, there is some bad language in some of these videos. I’ve picked out five that crack me up. Enjoy!

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