When I think of pronunciation “It’s leviOsa, not levioSA!” is the first quote that comes to my mind. But there are plenty of other words in the English language that have different pronunciations. This can vary by location. But with things like brand names, there typically is one specific way to say them. And they aren’t always the most commonly said pronunciation. In fact, these 8 car brands you’ve probably been pronouncing wrong. It’s ok, I have as well.

Our friends at Preply are helping us set the record straight when it comes to pronouncing your favorite car brands. A global industry like the automobile industry makes it easy for brands to be mispronounced. Preply has studied the most mispronounced car brands and how to pronounce them correctly.

Amy Pritchett, Student Success Manager at Preply has shared her advice on pronouncing words correctly. She said: “Break up the words into small sounds. Don’t get overwhelmed. Look at each syllable and try to say it alone before putting the sounds together to form the word. Google! The internet is your best friend when trying to learn new words or brand names. You can easily find videos or sound clips of how to say each word. Watch motoring shows or videos. Watching TV shows even like Top Gear can help you learn car names. You can easily pick up some pronunciation tips.

Which of the 8 car brands listed below have you been mispronouncing incorrectly?

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