America's Best Places For Retirement

U.S. News & World Report has compiled a list of the best places to retire in America, ranking the 100 largest metropolitan areas based on things like housing affordability, healthcare, and overall happiness.

Summer Job: We All Have To Start Somewhere

Do you remember your first job? It was probably a summer job, right? Hopefully you still have some good memories of it. My very first job was as a golf caddy. Then I worked in a movie theater. I was recently reminded of what came after that.

Stuck In A Rut At Work? Switch Desks!

It sounds a little too simple, but the research says it works. If things haven't been going so well at the office and productivity is down, just switch desks. By changing where you sit, you'll not only enjoy some new scenery, but your company could also see big benefits.

Iowa Is #1, But Where Would You Live?

U.S. News & World Report has named Iowa as the best state in America. The 2018 rankings are based on more than seventy-five metrics within categories such as Health Care, Education, Economy, Opportunity, Infrastructure, Crime & Corrections, Fiscal Stability, and Quality of Life. North Carolina is #23 on the list. South Carolina is #42. I…