New Sneakers Making Me Nostalgic

Last year, a doctor told me I have osteoarthritis in both my feet. Not what I wanted to hear. I have never worn high heels, but I was a big wearer of platform shoes. No pointy heel, but wedges were my go to!

Top 10 Ice Cream Truck Treats

Have you heard it yet? The telltale jingling that lets you know spring is here and the heat of summer is fast approaching? If not, listen carefully and you should hear an ice cream truck rolling down your street any day now.

Rock & Roll Into Spring With Free Concerts

As the weather warms up, the urge to be outside gets stronger. If there's live music, it's impossible to resist. Charlotte has a new outdoor concert venue called The Music Yard that's hosting a free Spring Concert Series on Saturdays from March 23rd through May 26th. The Music Yard is tucked in between SouthBound and Mac's…

Find Out What Season Suits Your Personality with K104.7!

Have you ever wondered what season-best suits your personality? Many believe the month you are born affects this, but we are not so sure that's true. maybe you are born in December but you despise the cold. Or maybe you've bet someone who can't stand the heat and was born in July! Find out which of…

Can You Name That Garden Weed?

With the weather getting warmer and the plants starting to bloom and so are the weeds. It's no surprise that common weeds can make their way into your lawn and garden spaces, but with our quiz, you'll be able to better identify those pesky bad guys once and for all.