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As a dad of two teenagers, I can tell you that back-to-school time is very different for middle and high school students than it is for elementary school kids. Tweens and teens have more challenges to work through as they begin a new academic year, whether they’re making the transition to a new school or simply starting a new grade. And the earlier alarm clock is just the tip of the iceberg! Here are some others things your child might be anxious about, and that you can help them with, as they head back to class this month:

10. Sports tryouts

9. Driver’s education

8. School bus/cafeteria drama

7. Finding classrooms and locker

6. New teachers

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5. Unfamiliar subjects (foreign language, higher math, AP classes)

4. Bigger homework load

3. Dating

2. Appearance (braces, acne, clothes)

1. Fitting in and making friends

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