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The men’s college basketball tournament is underway and Charlotte is hosting some of the early round games. Friday’s (3/16) match-ups at Spectrum Center are (10) Providence vs. (7) Texas A&M at 12:15 PM; (15) Lipscomb vs. (2) UNC at 2:45 PM; (9) Kansas State vs. (8) Creighton at 6:50 PM; and (16) UMBC vs. (1) Virginia at 9:20 PM. The winners of those games will play again at Spectrum Center on Sunday (3/18).

Have you entered a bracket in an office pool? It’s a fun way to bond with co-workers, and maybe win a little money, but most managers would really prefer that you stayed at your desk. According to CNBC, corporate productivity losses during last year’s tournament were an estimated $6.3 billion.

It might be mandatory to fill out a bracket if you work for Berkshire Hathaway. CEO Warren Buffett is putting up the big bucks again for his Million-Dollar NCAA Bracket Challenge. If a Berkshire Hathaway employee picks every game correctly for a perfect bracket through the Sweet 16, they’ll win $1 million a year for life. And if Buffett’s hometown team Creighton wins the championship, he’ll double it. Does Warren Buffett own any radio stations?

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