Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

I LOVE a fun flashback show! Just announced today, Sammy Hagar & The Circle, Whitesnake, and Night Ranger coming to the Carolinas! The show here in Charlotte will happen on Sunday, July 19. Tickets are going on sale this Friday, January 31, but Phil & I will give you a chance to win them all week on “Phil & Mel In The Morning.”

Last spring I went to Atlanta to see Whitesnake. The ticket to the show was pricey, but I thought it might be the last tour they did. I’m SO excited it wasn’t the last tour! They put on an amazing show! David Coverdale, who is in his late 60’s, was kick-ass vocally!  He sounded great and the band rocked out all the tunes you love! I left the show extremely happy! And, chick moment, he is STILL as swoony as he was in 1988. Hubba hubba!

I’ve been a fan of Sammy Hagar since his “Standing Hampton” album in 1982. “There’s Only One Way To Rock” is still a true rock anthem! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Sammy live. I think the last time I saw him alive was when he was with Van Halen. Thinking the last show I saw was the early 90’s. I’ve always loved Sammy’s solo stuff, and I liked him with Van Halen. Lots of solid tunes, although I’m a bigger old school DLR Van Halen fan.

And can we talk about how good Sammy looks! He’s in his early 70’s and you’d never know it! All that sunshine in Cabo and all that tequila drinking has obviously agreed with him. Sammy along with Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, and Vic Johnson make up The Circle. I’ve never seen them live, but I’m looking forward to their show this summer. I am sure they’ll bust out lots of Sammy tunes. This show is in my top five to see this summer! And I gotta give Live Nation some love…..the video below to promote the show was genius! I mean, I cannot be the ONLY one that could listen to David Coverdale talk for days. Love that accent.

All the dates and info for the show can be found here.  Tea or tequila? I’ll take both!  Both David and Sammy are too funny in this video. Good stuff! Can’t wait for July!