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Melany Myers

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It’s important to share stories that are positive, especially right now. All of us have enough anxiety going on, so the awesome stories need to be shared. 

Sauce Pizzeria in New York is one of the many restaurants that is stepping up and feeding healthcare workers during the pandemic. They’ve delivered as many as 400 pizzas to 40 hospitals in the five boroughs to make sure those on the frontlines have something to eat.

Now their landlord, A&E Real Estate Management, is getting in on the act of kindness. They’ve donated $20-thousand to the effort and cancelled the restaurant’s rent for three months. SWEET!

The owner of the pizzeria says that pizza makes people happy and that they can now continue to spread that happiness rent free for the next three months.

SUCH a cool story! Healthcare workers need all the love and support they can get right now and truth told, food is probably one of the last things many are thinking of as they continue to help others. Bravo to this pizzeria AND to the management company.