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Coronavirus Information Report

Northwest School of the Arts

It’s been a hot topic as of late – whether students in North Carolina will head back to the classroom in the fall amid the rapidly increasing COVID-19 cases. And Gov. Roy Cooper is set to make an official announcement on the reopening of schools Tuesday (today).

With North Carolina seeing record-high number of hospitalizations because of the virus and a huge spike in cases, many parents and others are concerned just how students would return to school safely. Some schools in North Carolina are scheduled to start in July, and officials are asking those schools to conduct remote learning until the decision is made for in-person learning.

Last month, schools were asked to prepare three plans. The first plan is in-person learning with key health and safety rules in place. The second plan is the same as the first plan, but with fewer children in the classroom at one time. And the third plan is virtual learning for all students.

The governor will address the topic Tuesday (today) at 3 p.m. and present plans for K-12 public schools. Cooper is also expected to provide an update on the state’s Executive Order, which ends on Friday, July 17.


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