A bride-to-be recently shared a picture of her engagement ring on the private Facebook group “That’s it, I’m ring shaming” and folks can’t seem to get over it. The woman, from Texas, shared a picture of her new engagement ring, and Facebook went nuts.

The silver ring has three large circular diamonds surrounded by more gems set in a rectangular shape over three levels. Many folks made comments that the ring was ugly. Others said the ring looked like a traffic light or a speaker. Most people on the site said the ring looked like a Lego.

Honestly, I like the ring! Yes, it does resemble a Lego but it’s unique. I think it’s funky! I’m not the most traditional girl so maybe that’s why I like it.

Numerous people in the Facebook group said that the woman should call off the engagement because of the ring. I thought I could be shallow! Geez people!

I like the ring but if she doesn’t she should discuss it with her fiance, in a nice way. I understand wanting to wear something that you love. To me it’s cool!

What do you think? Yes or no? Take a look here.