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Melany Myers

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Some people make my head hurt. Case in point, this woman who posted an ad for a babysitter.  An anonymous mom’s babysitter ad was recently posted to a forum on Facebook and people are losing it. They’re shocked at the woman’s requests since they are just a bit unreasonable.

The woman is looking for a babysitter for her two six year-old daughters, and has a whole list of demands. The demands are as follows: the sitter has to work at the woman’s house from 6:30 am to 6 pm, needs to provide food, and it has to be only vegan and organic, must submit to a criminal background check, and they must be available weekends without notice.

While that’s already pretty outrageous, it gets worse. The mom only wants to pay the sitter $100 a week, and then has the nerve to write that after six months, if things work out, she’d up it to $150. The ad goes on to note, “No you cannot sleep at my condo. No you cannot have friends over. No you cannot study/watch YouTube/be on your phone while on duty.”  Ummmm….ok.

As you can imagine, folks were pretty shocked at the mom’s outrageous demands. I’m not sure if this woman is out of touch or if she just doesn’t understand that what she’s asking is impractical. Mary Poppins would be appalled!

Last check, the mom hadn’t found a taker. Shocker! I think she’s gonna have a hard time getting a babysitter. You can see the full ad and read some of the comments people are leaving here. Good luck to this woman!