It’s crazy hot outside but Halloween will be here soon! Lots of business are rolling out fall items earlier than normal this year. I get it. Pumpkin flavored treats put me in a good mood and we could use the smiles this year. There are two Halloween items that I’ve seen this week that are awesome!

The first must have item for Halloween this year is a mini pumpkin waffle maker. This is good for fall in general or if you’re like me, it’s good for all the time! Dash, a brand that makes appliances and kitchen gadgets makes this adorable mini pumpkin waffle maker. Little pumpkin shaped waffles? Yes pleas!

The best part about this is that it’s wicked cheap! You can find the waffle maker on Amazon for only $9.99. Deal! My Dash Mini Waffle Maker has already been ordered.

And when you’re ready to move away from fall vibes, Dash also has the waffle maker in a heart shape, and they have the classic shape that comes in different colors.

The second must have for Halloween is the Hope Depot Smoke-Breathing Yard Dragon. This thing is THE coolest!  The grey mechanical dragon moves its mouth and roars every few seconds. The dragon is 69 inches tall, so no one will miss it in your yard.

It comes equipped with some LED lights for eyes to make it spookier at night while it’s moving its huge mouth and roaring. roaring its throat out over the built-in speaker. You can even install a smoke machine inside the dragon so it blows smoke out of it’s mouth. COOL!

The only downfall to this magical Halloween yard animal is the price tag. It ain’t cheap. It is going for $399.  Of course, 2020 has been a bummer year. If you’re a Halloween fan then this may be what you need this year to lift your spirits. All the details are here.