Most of us on Instagram post stunning photos to impress our friends and followers. Not this guy! This man has been using Instagram to post nothing but pictures of his forehead.

Georgio Schieich lives in Malta, Greece, and has quite the interesting Instagram account. For the last six years, he’s been posting only pictures of his forehead in front of different locations. Schieich said it all started six years ago while dating a girl who had this habit of always asking him where he was. He started sending his then-girlfriend a photo of his forehead and backgrounds, as a game. Well, they split up a long time ago, but he never got over their little game and he continues taking the same style photos and posting them on Instagram.

When I saw the title of the story about Schieich, I thought it was just dumb. After reading about why he started it, and seeing some pics, I’m somewhat interested. It’s kinda hard not to look at the pics! Sometimes you’ll see awesome scenery in the background, sometimes it’s just a white wall. Take a look here.

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