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When I read this story I immediately wanted to tell this girl to run! And run fast! A girl on TikTok shared a list of rules her boyfriend’s mother made for anyone dating her son and it’s crazy. Red flag alert girl, red flag alert!

A TikTok user named Emma recently shared what she says is the list of rules her boyfriend’s mother posted on her social media account. I understand a guy being a “mama’s boy” but this is past that. Honestly, this creeps me out.

The rules include:

  • ‘He’s a “mama’s boy”. Unless you have a ring on your finger, your opinion does not matter’
  • ‘He is a gentleman. I taught him that. You better act like a lady and deserve that.’
  • “If you show up at my house looking like a stripper, I will make you go away.”
  • “If I see ‘sexts” on his phone I will make you go away.”
  • “He is not your ATM.”
  • “You are not in charge of him and it is not up to you to change him.”

What’s even creepier than the rules is that the mom also has a list of “threats” if a girl doesn’t follow her rules. The list includes threats like, “understand I can make you go away,” along with the added note, “I know how to avoid jail.” WHAT?! The mom also adds that should a woman “fake” their way into a marriage with her son they’ll wind up with the ultimate punishment; her as a mother-in-law.

I’m not sure if the son of this woman has stepped up and said anything to his mom but if I were this chick, I’d break up with this guy. Having been married to not one but two “mama’s boys” I can tell you that it is difficult. You’ll never live up to the mother-in-law’s standards and it’s hard to deal with.

Rules aside the threats she makes are the real red flag. Who writes that on social media?

I often say that “fat girls don’t run”, cause I don’t run, but if I was this chick, I’d move faster than Usain Bolt. This mom is just too loony!