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Bridezilla’s are nothing new, but this is nuts. I cannot imagine a friend treating another friend this way, no matter what the occasion.

A woman shares on Reddit’s “Am I The A-Hole” forum that she was recently kicked out of a wedding party over her hair, and has now decided to sue the bride over it. The woman explains that chunks of her hair started falling out due to health issues. I’ve had that happen due to thyroid issues, and it’s a bummer!

Two weeks before she was supposed to be a bridesmaid she informed the bride she decided to cut her hair. At first the bride said nothing, but eventually voiced her concern. Then things got crazy.

The OP, the bridesmaid, let the bride know her hair would look good and appropriate for the wedding. The bride wasn’t happy. She told the bridesmaid that she felt as if she was being disrespected. The bride wanted her photos to look a certain way and felt like the bridesmaid was messing up her wedding. The bridesmaid having short hair would compromise her vision. The bride asked the bridesmaid to step down from participating in the wedding.  WTH?!

Obviously, the bridesmaid was not happy, especially since she spent time planning the girl’s wedding show, and helping her plan the wedding. Not to mention the fact that she spent over $700 on three different dresses, shoes, etc. And I forgot to mention, the bride had already asked her to “tone up” at the gym before the wedding. Seriously?

Upset about her friend the bride’s attitude and about the money spent, the bridesmaid sent the bride an invoice for all the money she spent on her wedding. When there was no word from the bride, she decided to sue her to get her money back.

Although extreme, most people online backed the bridesmaid’s actions. As a bride, wouldn’t you want all eyes on you? It’s not like a girl with short hair will ruin your wedding pictures. What a way to end a friendship!