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Being subtle is an art. If you’re going to eyeball another woman while your wife is around then you better do it on the downlow. I think this husband THOUGHT he was doing that but sadly, he failed.

A woman was watching the video her husband filmed during their beach vacation to Florida when she saw what he was really recording. A clip of the video was posted to TikTok and shows the wife posing for the camera. The husband then pans away from his wife and you see what he’s really looking at: a bikini-wearing woman who was standing in the surf behind his wife.

TikToker @thicctok5280 posted a 30-second clip of the video on her page and it’s grabbing lots of attention. The wife doesn’t seem to be mad about it, but plenty of people jumped to her defense in the comments section and seemed offended for her. Although eyeballing another woman is harmless, having it on video is a bit insulting. The woman in the bikini is gorgeous and I totally understand the husband looking but having it on a vacation reel ain’t cool.

The comments in response to the video are funny! Women are collectively mad at this guy and they aren’t even married to him. LOL! I’m pretty sure this wife will be receiving flowers soon. Or a serious Christmas gift this year. Would you be mad at your husband for this?