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Photo by Handout/Getty Images for The Old Bury

Halloween decorations are all over neighborhoods and some folks take spooky decorating over the top. A guy in Ohio has definitely taken things to the next level and it’s so cool!

Alan Perkins is no stranger to seasonal decorating and this year he went beyond BIG! He turned his home into an impressive display with an oversized skeleton. Last year Perkins had a 12-foot skeleton from Home Depot that went viral but this year he went another way.

The house is a basically a massive skeleton grabbing the Home Depot skeleton. The Ohio resident has been working on the display for about a month, with his kids helping out. Oversized skeleton hands are coming out of both sides of the house and Perkins is working o a huge skeleton head that’ll pop out from the roof. SO cool!

In a Facebook group called the Cleveland Haunt Club, Perkins posted an update: “So people keep asking for updates. I got the arms and hands mounted today. A neighbor of mine let me borrow his 12 foot skeleton to capture. Still need to make the skull breaking through the roof. Getting closer though. I also posted a picture of my window covers and the connection pieces for the knuckles that allow the fingers to move. Located on River Road in Olmsted Falls.”

With a display like this, people will be coming to his house for more than just candy! Very creative decorations! Check out the pics!