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I’ve been single for over two years now. Online dating sites just aren’t for me. I think I’m just old school….I like to meet someone face to face. Dating sites are extremely popular though and I get why so many people use them. A woman on Tinder received a rude message from a man on Tinder so she decided to send it to his mom!

TikTok user Yazmin explains in a video that the 30 year-old man started things off fine by sending a “Hi” message. Things quickly went downhill after that. According to Kidspot, the guy followed up his hello with, “Bit larger than I would normally go for. But fancy meeting for a drink?”  Ummmm…EXCUSE ME?! Rude!

Now, I have a quick wit and a big mouth so I probably would have immediately come back with a slam, telling him he’s not as good looking as I usually go for. But I’m a bit of a witch. 🙂 Yazmin went a different route. Instead of addressing his comment she did some detective work and found the guy’s mom on Facebook. She then sent his mom a screenshot of their interaction.

The guy’s mom actually replied to Yazmin. She claimed her son didn’t make the comment. She told Yazmin, “Having spoken to my son, he seems to have no information about you on his phone and would never be so rude as to send a message like that to anyone!!!,” the mom writes. “I hope you will trust that he would not do this! He is too well brought up to do that.” She also suggested that maybe her son had been hacked.Folks on TikTok weren’t buying the mom’s excuse for her son and I’m not either. I understand parents always want to think their kids are perfect but come on! The dude is 30! Mom shouldn’t make excuses for him. LOL! I don’t know this guy but my guess is he doesn’t have a lot of luck dating. To be completely honest, I think he sounds like a jackass!


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