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Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Huffington Post

Now, let me first say that I’m not body shamming this woman. If she’s happy, rock on! But I DO have some questions and I AM a bit shocked! a 29 year-old Brazilian OnlyFans model has had five butt lifts in an attempt to have the biggest behind in the world. And it looks a bit uncomfortable!

My eyeballs became huge when I saw the pictures of Natasha Crown. This woman’s behind is so big, she can’t fit into a chair! And I have so many questions about where she finds clothes. I am sure she’s not buying stuff off the rack.

And as shocking as the photos are, Crown is planning on a sixth surgery. According to Daily Mail, she hasn’t dated in seven years because men find her “intimidating” since she’s so extreme. I can’t say how many other surgeries she’s had, but she’s definitely has a few on her lips as they are extremely large too.

Crown has spent about $150,000 so far on surgeries. She says she eats lots of pasta and pizza to gain weight, then has the extra fat taken out of one area and then put into her behind to make it bigger. I guess this is her “niche” on OnlyFans and she probably makes lots of money. But GIRL! This doesn’t seem like the healthiest thing to do.

If you’d like to see pics, we have em here for ya.