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This may be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read! There are lots of ridiculous rules that HOA’s impose in neighborhoods around the country. However, a HOA in Florida is really stretching it by entertaining this woman’s complaint.

A man in Florida named Christian shared a TikTok video that’s going viral. According to Bored Panda, he received a complaint from his Homeowners Association. Apparently, a child burned their hand on his hot car. The car was in his driveway. That’s right. HE is being blamed for a kid walking onto his property and putting their hand on his car that was in the sun, in his driveway. WTH?!

If your kid walks onto someone’s property and puts their hand on someone’s property, isn’t that the kid’s fault? Or the parents? It’s definitely not the homeowner’s fault!

What happened to teaching your children not to touch someone else’s things? And what happened to taking responsibility for your own actions? This parent needs to control their child! In no way is this the homeowner’s fault. This parent is an idiot!

The HOA cannot hold Christian responsible for the actions of someone else’s child. I can’t believe this HOA even relayed the complaint to Christian. The HOA should have told the complaining parent that their kid was trespassing, and that it was their fault their kid got his/her hand burned. Get the hell outta here with all that!

Obviously, folks on the internet had some thoughts. Almost all agreeing that the parent is at fault. I could rant all day about this! Christian’s video tells the whole story. Heads up though, there is bad language in the video. If you’re at work or around kids, don’t turn the volume up loud. You can see all the comments under the video.

And totally off the topic, Chrisitan looks like Ray Romano from “Everybody Loves Raymond”. I mean, they could be twins!


#hoassuck #hoa #tesla #karen car is parked in my private driveway. Person complained that their child burned their hand on the side of the car. Control your fucking kids!

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