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There’s so much to unpack with this headline alone that I’m not sure where to begin. A model is saying that drinking beer while sunbathing in the nude has made her chest expand. Huh?

According to the New York Post, model Veronika Rajek says she her breasts grew large after she spent a summer drinking beer and sunbathing in the nude. She says she did ‘track and field for eight years’ and was not well-endowed. It all changed when she drank lots of beer and was nude in the sun.

Experts say that drinking a lot of alcohol can increase the amount of estrogen in a woman’s body but can lead to a higher risk of breast cancer. Obviously, drinking doesn’t mean your estrogen level will do this though. My breast cancer was due to high estrogen levels, but my doctor didn’t say the cause was drinking beer. LOL!

Now, I’ll admit that I’ve been drinking beer for years. From my 20’s into my 40’s, I drank a lot of beer. But I developed at an early age, many years before I began drinking. And I haven’t had a lot of alcohol in the last three years and still have big boobs so I’m not sure the model’s theory is true. However, I’ve never sunbathed nude so I can’t say her claim is false. LOL!

Looking at Rajek’s pictures you can’t help but notice her large chest. There are no BEFORE pictures, so I’m not sure she isn’t just making this claim for attention. She’s a gorgeous woman, but I’m not so sure about the beer and nude sunbathing claim.