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Although this is odd, I like it! A British woman who knew she was dying decided to hire a flash mob to dance at her funeral. And the song she picked is perfect! This woman had a fabulous sense of humor.

According to the New York Post, Sandie Wood had been fighting tongue cancer. She knew she was dying and decided to make sure something special would happen at her funeral. Wood got one of her close friends to help her arrange quite the surprise. Funerals are usually sad, but Wood wanted folks to remember her and be happy, so she hired a dance group to perform.

With the help of her friend, Wood hired The Flaming Feathers dance group. When she passed away and her funeral was happening, the dancers performed to Queen’s ‘Another One Bites The Dust’. LOL! I appreciate her dark sense of humor! This is something I would totally do!

Finding dancers to perform at a funeral was not an easy task. Ten other groups turned down the job as they thought it was tacky or disrespectful. You definitely have to have a dark sense of humor or appreciate one to get this idea.

At first, all the folks at the funeral were upset at the flash mob dance. But after a few minutes, they realized what was happening, and some joined in the dance. Those that knew Wood’s well said she lived life to the fullest and was always true to herself. She made sure she left her loved ones a fun final memory.