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Actually, I’m not sure this is a trend for weddings for 2023, but they should be! We’ve seen videos from weddings where folks had their dog as a part of the ceremony, sometimes as the best man. Over the last few years, we’ve also seen videos of folks having a ‘flower guy’ as part of the wedding instead of a flower girl. Now a couple has introduced something new: beer boys.

While randomly scrolling on Instagram, I came across this video and had to watch. The account @beeyahandbytz posted the video without a lot of details. In the video, you see the groom at the altar at an outside wedding. Then three of the groomsmen appear and drinking beer. They start to walk down the aisle, drinking beers. Then you see they all have beers tucked away in their jacket pockets and their waistbands. As they walk down the aisle, they hold up beers, offering them to guests. If a guest raises their hand, they get a beer. Love it!

The look on the groom’s face is classic! I think he knew this was going to happen, as he shakes his head ‘yes’ as the guys begin to walk down the aisle, handing out beers. I’m guessing this couple is a lot of fun! Well, I say that. You never see the bride, so I’m not sure how she felt about this. LOL!

I think this is hilarious! I’d totally drink a beer if they were handed out before the ceremony. Now I’m not sure you’d want to do this if the wedding was in a church or temple, but it’s perfect for an outside wedding. If you know someone getting married this summer, show them this video. They may want to include their own ‘beer boys’ in the ceremony. Good stuff!