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Would you pay to use the microwave at work? Exactly! Neither would I! Especially as gross as most office microwaves are. But allegedly that’s what a hospital in Florida is asking their employees to do.

According to Money Control, an anonymous user on Reddit shared a photo of a sign reportedly from a behavioral health hospital in Florida. The user, known as Berezis on Reddit, is a Florida native. The picture of the sign posted says a single microwave use is $2, and employees can buy an unlimited microwave pass for $30.

The photo was uploaded to the subreddit “Mildly Infuriating,” forum, and so far millions of people have seen it, and thousands have commented. Many folks are questioning if the sign is real or just a joke. Berezis says her friend took the picture at the hospital where they just started working and that it was in the employee break room.

People also had questions about the acronym BHU SW that was listed on the sign. Apparently, it means ‘behavioral health unit social workers’, Berezis explained. Berezis declined to provide the hospital’s name which is understandable. Especially since her friend just started there.

Berezis did say on Reddit that her friend sent her a text of the sign, and that she has limited knowledge in regard to the situation. A question most of us have is how the whole thing works. Is there an employee that says in the break room to collect fees? Do they use the ‘honor system’?

The sign could be a joke, but let’s be honest; in today’s world this doesn’t seem too nuts. Stupid and petty, sure. But would

a company totally do this? Damn skippy! Are there any weird signs where you work and if yes, please send them to us!