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The internet is amazing! It makes our lives so much easier in so many ways. Of course, with that ease and convenience comes a lot of scams. A woman from Texas found out the hard way that her New York hotel room with a view was a huge scam.

According to Daily Mail, a TikTok video is going viral of a woman’s sad hotel room view. Amber Shelby, who lives in Texas, is blasting the booking her husband made for their family. In the video she is showing folks how the hotel catfished her into thinking her hotel room would have a fabulous view of the Manhattan skyline. However, once she and her family arrived at the Fairfield Inn, Staten Island, they were disappointed.

The view the family was looking at online was a print-out stuck to a window shade. Yup. The real view from their room was the hotel parking lot. Can you imagine how disappointed and upset you’d be after flying all the way from Texas to New York for a vacation with a great view and finding out it was basically a poster?! Ugh!

Not A Cool Move From The Hotel

When reading this story I immediately thought the family would be able to get a refund since the hotel was guilty of ‘false advertising’. Unfortunately for the family, the hotel is covered because on their website it says that images ‘may not fully represent the room features you booked’. Total BS! Reading the fine print is a must! This is how company’s get by with this kinda crap.

Shelby isn’t complaining about the hotel in her video. She’s blaming her husband for falling for the scam. Although her husband is at fault for not reading the fine print, it’s still a crappy move by the hotel, in my opinion. Hopefully the family still enjoyed their trip! Next time they do some traveling, I’m sure they’ll double check where they’re staying and make sure they are reading the fine print.


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Hotels Are Revealing Some Of The Most Bizarre Room Service Requests

What is it about staying in a hotel that makes people act like they’re rock stars who are entitled to anything their hearts might desire?  I guess it’s because a hotel is not your home so the normal rules don’t apply. I mean, you don’t really have to pick up after yourself, do you? The hotel has people to do that for you. And then there’s room service. You’re certainly not getting that at home.

There is something sort of “rock star” about having an entire meal brought to your room and all you have to do is sign for it. Don’t worry, the sticker shock will come later. More than a quarter (27%) of U.S. hotels say their guests spend more than $100 for room service, on average. It’s sort of worth it, though, right? Especially if you’re worn out from traveling and just want to eat a cheeseburger in bed. But some people go way beyond a burger. has just released their first Room Service Report, which includes room service requests from nearly 500 hotels in the U.S. and around the world. According to Metro, the report gives us a peek into what people are ordering from their hotel rooms. If you’ve ever felt bad for ordering something off-menu at a hotel, take comfort in the fact that it’s probably not the strangest request they’ve received.

Weird Hotel Room Service Requests (

  • Diet Water

    Because regular water is soooo fattening. I’m guessing they meant some kind of electrolyte-enhanced smart water.

    Water being poured into a glass

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  • Melted Ice Cream

    When the microwave in your room isn’t working and you just don’t have time to wait for nature to take its course.

    Ice cream cone dropped on ground

    (Photo by Image Source/Getty Images)

  • Cooked fish that the guest brought with them

    Are some hotels BYOF? Kudos to any hotel that actually honors this request. That’s going above and beyond.

    Man holding large barrauda fish

    (Photo by Sablin/Getty Images)

  • No egg white omelet

    If I see any egg white, I’m sending it back! This is definitely a rock star request. It’s like the old story of Van Halen demanding that there not be any brown M&M’s in the backstage area, although, they had a good reason for doing that. It was to make sure that local concert promoters were actually reading the contracts. Smart.


    (Photo by Dietmar Rauscher/Getty Images)

  • Bison

    I have questions about this one. Were they asking for a bison steak, a bison burger, or an actual live bison? It’s important to make that very clear up front because it could affect the price.

    Two bison staring at each other

    (Photo by Mark Alexander/Getty Images)

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