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College Football Bowl Game Introduces First Edible Mascot

Charlotte plays host to the Duke's Mayo Bowl, which is quickly becoming a fan favorite when it comes to post-season college football events. A bowl game where the winning coach gets covered in mayonnaise after the game? It's made to go viral. So of course other bowl games were going to step up. As a die-hard college football fan, I've attended my fair share of bowl games. Numerous iterations of the Charlotte game- from the aforementioned Duke's Mayo Bowl, the Belk Bowl, and the Meineke Car Care Bowl (most numerous times). I've made the trip to Nashville for the Music City Bowl and Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl. The goal is always Florida and the dream destination has been Orlando. My alma mater NC State played in what was at the time the Champs Sports Bowl in 2012. And in the shock of the century, my dad said he'd rather watch at home. That was 2010. The Wolfpack hasn't been to the Orlando bowl game since. It's been close, close enough that I've taken my Cheez-it Box (the bowl game was the Cheez-It Bowl for several years) and had it sitting in front of my NC State tree trying to manifest the game. It hasn't worked. But this year, most analysts have the Wolfpack ending up in Orlando, at what is now called the Pop-Tarts Bowl. Listen I like Pop-Tarts fine. They've never been my breakfast of choice, but I LOVE Cheez-Its. I was made for that game. But I'm still hoping for the Pop-Tarts Bowl. It is a quality bowl game in a desirable destination. But the Pop-Tarts Bowl, has something else going for it this year. One of those viral moments I mentioned earlier. This year's Pop Tart's Bowl- it will have the first-ever edible mascot. According to a press release the mascot "will run around the stadium interacting with fans and, when the final whistle blows, transform into a game-winning snack for the victors." I have to say I'm a little concerned about the fact that people will be touching this mascot all during the game, only then for it to be eaten. But I hope I'm witnessing my beloved team feasting on this larger-than-life pastry. This coming Sunday, December 3rd, is when the bowl matchup will be announced. The Pop-Tarts Bowl will feature a match-up between the ACC and Big 12. The 2023 Pop-Tarts Bowl airs live on ESPN on December 28 at 5:45 p.m. ET live from Camping World Stadium in Orlando Florida. You can find out more here.  [select-listicle listicle_id="421748" syndication_name="the-list-of-baseballs-best-and-worst-mascots-is-in" description="yes"]

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