Do You Agree? These Are The Top Ranked Schools In Charlotte Area For 2024

As a parent, part of moving to a new area is determining which area has a great school district. Niche.com helped out and delivered the top ranked schools for 2024 in the Charlotte area. The question now is do you agree? I can't lie. I have always wondered where someone could go to get a non-biased opinion of schools beyond some general places. I recently found out about Niche and this really came in and answered many if not all questions someone could have about a school in a certain district, area, or state. Most of the analytics on each school break down if the school is a great school for teachers. This helps a teacher who that may be looking to switch states and not sure where to start. Not only does this show how the schools are ranked per state, but it also shows the best schools for athletes. One of the big things that I enjoyed seeing in high schools was the breakdowns of SAT and ACT scores. They even gave the graduation percentage rate. That is a big deal because you learn just how well some schools are actually performing and how well some of them aren't.