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Melany Myers

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I’m one of those crazy “dog moms” and my dogs are like kids to me. As we are possibly looking at some serious weather coming our way with Hurricane Florence, it’s good to make sure people AND pets are safe. Some evacuation shelters don’t accept pets, so it’s good to plan ahead. As you purchase items for your home, and family, make sure you pick up extra food and water for your pets. I realize most people think of this, but lots of us don’t think about our pet’s medication, and our pet’s medical records.  The Grand Strand Humane Society has some tips for you here

IF you have to evacuate your home, and go to a shelter, you can find pet friendly shelters here. And here’s a link to The Humane Society of Charlotte.  Stay safe and don’t forget your furry friends when planning for any natural disaster.  😉