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I Was Today Years Old When I Found Out McDonald’s Offers A Secret Cake

This takes the cake! I was today years old when I found out that you can get a sheet cake at McDonalds. I've been going to McDonald's since I was a kid. My parents would take my brother and I after a swim meet and when I was in my teens, my stepmom would have me drive by after work to get the dog an ice cream cone or a plain hamburger. Yes, the dog. LOL! As a little kid, I'd attend friend's birthday parties at McDonalds. There was always a cake but as a little kid, you don't really think about where the cake came from. I'm sure parents would bring one in to feed the kids. But I found out this week that you can roll up to McDonald's and order a sheet cake. I saw a video on Instagram of a young lady ordering one through the drive-thru and I had no clue they offered sheet cakes. According to In The Know, the video was originally posted on TikTok by @catsandchrist. In the video, the girl named Ellie asks if there are any cakes available. The McDonald's employee tells her to hang on while she checks. She comes back to say that yes, they have some sheet cakes. Ellie then orders a vanilla one. Apparently, they offer chocolate and vanilla sheet cakes with a Ronald McDonald screen print. The cakes are a bit small, but they only cost $9. After the video posting by @catsandchrist, others on TikTok are rolling to McDonald's to get the cake and are posting videos online. The cake doesn't appear on the restaurant's menu, so you have to ask for one. I'm not sure every location carries the cake, but you can ask. Taste wise, I thought they would probably be a bit gross, however, a McDonald's worker recently posted a video trying the vanilla cake. He didn't know they sold them either, and he works there! He says the vanilla is pretty tasty. Some folks on TikTok are saying the cakes are only sold at locations with a play place, while others are saying the cakes are for employees' birthdays. People are debating online about the cost of the cakes. One person says they were only charged $5 for the cake. However, another person, while showing his receipt says he paid $19.99 for the cake. Since the video by @catsandchrist is going viral, Today spoke to a McDonald’s rep and reported that “all McDonald’s owners/operators across the country have the option of ordering the cake from their local distribution center. Occasionally, restaurants decide to let customers purchase the cakes, but they’re not on the official menu and you won’t find them at all locations.” Now Phil and I want to try and get one for a taste test. Calling local McDonald's to see if they have them may be a pain, so we may just roll up to a drive-thru and ask. The cakes are kinda cute and I'm wondering how they taste. You can watch the original video below. Did you know the cakes exist? All these years and I had no idea!   [embed][/embed]

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