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Best Hushpuppies In The World Award Goes To This Family Owned South Carolina Spot

It's one of our favorite accompaniments to a barbecue or seafood meal...hushpuppies. And, according to food experts, the best hushpuppies in the world can be found at a generational family owned spot in South Carolina. Who Serves The Best Hushpuppies In The World? The food experts at rank Hyman's Seafood in Charleston, South Carolina as serving up the best hushpuppies in the world. The family owned spot has been at the same location on Meeting St. in Charleston for more than 130 years. And, the iconic restaurant continues to rack up critical acclaim and celebrity visits. And, while plenty of praise is heaped on Hyman's for their Shrimp & Grits along with other seafood dishes on the menu, review after review mentions the hushpuppies, since declared the best hushpuppies in the world. One review says, 'These small, cornmeal cakes come right out of the fryer and still are sizzling when they get to your table.' And, another diner proclaims, 'the absolute BEST hushpuppies I have ever tasted in my life. No joke!' History Of Hushpuppies So, how did this beloved humble nugget of fried cornmeal come to be? Depending on who you ask, you may get a different answer. But, one leading theory credits hunters and fishermen feeding fried cornmeal to their dogs with the command, 'hush puppies,' in an effort to keep the pups from scaring the prey away. Also, another theory is Confederate soldiers fed hushpuppies to their dogs to silence them in the presence of enemies. Regardless of how they came into existence, I'm certainly glad they did. And, whether you dip them in the traditional tartar sauce or ketchup, barbecue sauce or even mustard, they're delicious. And, it's no surprise a legendary spot like Hyman's serves up the best hushpuppies in the world. The history of Hyman's speaks for itself. How The Spot For Best Hushpuppies In The World Began According to their website, the family started Southern Wholesale dry goods store in this location in 1890 as one of the first distributors of Union & Hanes underwear in the Southeast. Hyman's Seafood came to be in 1987. And, today it's successfully run as a 5th generation family business, with a hard fast rule that the customer is always right. Furthermore, you know you're in the South when you see a menu that reads, 'to receive a sample of boiled peanuts and hushpuppies scan the QR code on front page of menu.' And, Hyman's racks up critical recognition from highly acclaimed outlets such as Southern Living Magazine, America's Best Restaurants, Charleston Post and Courier and many more, including celebrities. The Charleston Place Hotel is right next door, where many actors and artists stay while in town. And, if you've visited Hyman's you may have seen the likes of Kevin Costner, Oprah, Mel Gibson, Hootie & The Blowfish or even iconic restaurateur Paula Deen. So next time you're in Charleston, give Hyman's a try and find out for yourself if they really have the best hushpuppies in the world!

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