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A North Carolina City Made Zillow’s Hottest Market’s And May Be A Surprise

For both renters and buyers, housing costs reached record highs in 2023! But there's some good news coming! We may see some relief in the new year, new research from Zillow suggests. The real estate site has just come out with its predictions for the hottest housing markets of 2024, and its top pick may surprise you. One North Carolina city is on  Zillow's Hottest Market's List, and it may not be the city you're thinking! The North Carolina city was #1 on Zillow's list in 2023 and is still in the Top 10 in 2024. Charlotte, North Carolina! Take that Raleigh! Haha. Charlotte has a great climate, the cost of living isn't too bad and the city is booming in growth! Not to mention all the amazing places to work. How many northerners have you met who moved down here for better taxes alone? Tons! Here's what else you need to know from Zillow's Hottest Market List: Zillow’s annual predictions for the top housing markets are based on factors including an analysis of expected home value growth, projected changes in the labor market, recent housing market velocity, and home construction activity. Buffalo, New York, is expected to be the hottest housing market in the country in 2024. That's crazy to me! Who wants the Bills, snow and cold? Haha. I know I don't! The Great Lakes, Midwest and South regions are at the top of Zillow’s rankings, thanks to affordability and job growth. Zillow’s Hottest Housing Markets of 2024 Buffalo, New York Cincinnati, Ohio Columbus, Ohio Indianapolis, Indiana Providence, Rhode Island Atlanta, Georgia Charlotte, North Carolina Cleveland, Ohio Orlando, Florida Tampa, Florida Check out the full report here to learn more.

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