Flight Attendants Recommend Avoiding These Foods And Beverages On The Airlines

I fly a couple of times per year. When I do, I like to avail myself of the snack and beverage cart. I figure, hey, I paid all this money for a seat, I'm going to take advantage of the perks. I suppose a can of ginger ale and a bag of pretzels might not be much of a perk. However, on longer flights, like to Europe, you can get a full meal or two. But should you? According the some flight attendants, no. Most food served on airplanes is prepared by outside catering companies, driven to airports, and then loaded onto each flight. As it turns out, most airline employees actually avoid much of this food and bring their own with them. Flight attendants are the experts when it comes to the food and drinks that are served to passengers, which is why Huffington Post asked them which items to avoid. We're always hearing how dehydrating it is to fly, but one of the things flight attendants warn against is the water served by the airlines. Booze is another thing to avoid on planes. For one thing, it doesn't help with the dehydration. And do we really need any more stories about liquored-up airline passengers in the news? Check out the list of foods and beverages that flight attendants say we should avoid below.

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