Children Give Joy To The Season

On December 6th, K104.7 joined our Beasley Media Group sister stations to host a Radio-Thon at Levine's Children's Hospital. The kindness and generosity of all of our listeners was overwhelming!

Best Tech Gifts For Christmas 2018

A little bit about me. I'm a gadget freak! I love anything electronic, cutting edge, never tested is not a problem. I'll be happy to test it for you. Here we are on the countdown to Christmas and I thought it would be GREAT idea to take a look at...

Holiday Drink Recipes

Ok, in full disclosure, I do like "Special Drinks" during the holiday's. I'm sure you have favorites as well. Enjoy below a Top 5 video followed by 2 of my favorites. Many of these you can purchase already premixed at The American Business College. wink-wink (ABC).

My Favorite Christmas Movies

I used to fight the movement to start thinking about Christmas at Thanksgiving but let's face it...No NEED to fight what's already happening so now I start Christmas at Thanksgiving like everybody else.