Best Tech Gifts For Christmas 2018

A little bit about me. I'm a gadget freak! I love anything electronic, cutting edge, never tested is not a problem. I'll be happy to test it for you. Here we are on the countdown to Christmas and I thought it would be GREAT idea to take a look at...

Holiday Drink Recipes

Ok, in full disclosure, I do like "Special Drinks" during the holiday's. I'm sure you have favorites as well. Enjoy below a Top 5 video followed by 2 of my favorites. Many of these you can purchase already premixed at The American Business College. wink-wink (ABC).

My Favorite Christmas Movies

I used to fight the movement to start thinking about Christmas at Thanksgiving but let's face it...No NEED to fight what's already happening so now I start Christmas at Thanksgiving like everybody else.

Black Friday Means Shopping and NEW MOVIES!

While some people are waiting in lines to shop for Black Friday, others are sleeping in and waiting on "Cyber Monday" to roll around. To each his or her own, but there's one thing we can all agree on... WE LOVE MOVIES so here are the new ones rolling out TODAY plus some BIG ones…