Mel's Monday Motivator

I spent the weekend alone with the dogs watching TV. I have a stye on my eye, so I'm not looking very festive. Last night, I was watching the show "Intervention". If you're not familiar with this show, it follows the lives of drug addicts, and how their disease affects their family.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Trades Racing For Renovating

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is becoming a one-man media empire. Since retiring as a NASCAR driver last year, he has moved seamlessly into the broadcast booth. Dale also has an autobiography, Racing to the Finish: My Story, hitting bookstores on October 16th. And he's even teamed up with his wife for a new home renovation show.

Carolina Cops May Be Featured In New Reality Show

Have you ever wondered what it's really like to be one of the police officers you see everyday? You may soon get the chance to see exactly that. The Winston-Salem Journal reports that a London-based TV production company, The Garden Productions, is interested in featuring the Winston-Salem Police Department in a national, documentary-style TV show.

'Mister Rogers' Movies Can't Come Soon Enough

Is it just me, or could the world use a big dose of Mister Rogers right about now? The late Fred Rogers was more than just a Presbyterian minister and children's television show host. He was an exemplary role model for people of all ages. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood had one consistent message during its thirty-three…

Kevin Costner Stars In Modern-Day Western Series

In his almost forty-year award-winning film career, Kevin Costner has devoted a good bit of time to telling stories about the American West. It started with Silverado and continued with Dances With Wolves, Wyatt Earp, Open Range, and now the new television series Yellowstone. While Costner's previous forays out west were set in the 1800s,…

18 Movies That Never Get Old

What makes a movie eternally rewatchable? You know what I mean. There are some movies that no matter how many times I've seen them, if I stumble upon them while flipping channels, I will watch them again. It doesn't even matter if I catch them somewhere in the middle. That's probably why those movies appear…

The Critics' Choice Awards Fashion Go or No!

Last night it was the 23rd Annual Critics' Choice Awards at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California. But let us be honest, we all know that during the Golden Globes almost every star wore black. However, this time around, celebrities traded in their dark wardrobe for some colorful blue carpet looks you can’t miss.