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I can’t stand chiclets. Not the gum. I’m referring to the thin, unsatisfying keys on my laptop’s keyboard. Call me old-fashioned, but I still prefer the solid feel of a full-size PC keyboard, where the keys actually drop down more than a micrometer, followed by a springy pushback on your fingers. The bigger keys sound better too, offering a richer click experience. And don’t get me started on trying to type anything on a tablet touchscreen. But for some purists, even a PC keyboard doesn’t cut it. Now there’s the option of turning your tablet into a typewriter.

The Penna wireless bluetooth keyboard from Elretron recreates what it was like to use a manual typewriter, before computers became ubiquitous. It works with Android, Windows, and iOS tablets and smartphones; and offers two keycap shapes: diamond and round retro chrome. The Penna even comes in four colors (black, olive green, baby pink, wood finish) and features what appears to be a return bar but is actually called a Macro, which saves frequently used keys/words and recalls them at any time by pressing the bar just once. And you’ll hear those satisfying clicks and clacks of yesteryear with every keystroke.

You can’t get the Penna just yet, but it’s coming soon. Elretron begins mass production in July with first delivery slated for August. For pricing information and to pre-order, CLICK HERE.