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I have no doubt that, eventually, we’ll all be micro-chipped like golden retrievers. But until then, tech companies are coming up with more ways to eliminate some of the essentials we still carry and keep track of every day, like keys, cash, credit cards, and passwords.

A new electronic accessory that doubles as jewelry is the next step in uncluttering and streamlining your life. It’s called Token and looks like a thick silver wedding band. But this ring shines in more ways than one. It can be used to unlock doors and cars, buy things (Apple/Android Pay), use mass transit, and activate other electronic devices such as laptops. It’s also secure because, unlike a hack-able smartphone, Token must be activated by your fingerprint and will only work if it’s on your finger. No one else can use it.

When Token becomes available to the public in December (just in time for Christmas!), you’ll be able to choose from seven sizes. You can pre-order one now for $249. Watch Token in action: