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The Most Addictive Social Media Apps

How bad are your social media and smartphone addictions? Most people don't want to admit that they're hopelessly hooked, but there's really no denying it. A couple of new surveys have confirmed our worst fears.

Smartphone and tablet insurer Asurion just released their 2018 Consumer Tech Dependency Survey and it shows that 70% of respondents keep their phone within reach when sleeping. That number goes up to 88% for Millennials. And 31% of all respondents say they actually feel anxious when they don't check their social media regularly. But the most shocking stat is that all generations report that the longest amount of time they could go without their phone is one day, which is also how long they say they could go without food and water.

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So now that we know we're slaves to our devices, the next question is why. It's certainly not because we're making lots of phone calls. For active participants and lurkers alike, social media is the main reason we have smartphones and tablets. Which of those apps are the most addictive? According to a new Harris Poll, the following are the hardest for us to ignore:

Facebook (49%)
YouTube (29%)
Instagram (21%)
Twitter (14%)
Snapchat (12%)
Pinterest (10%)
LinkedIn (5%)
Tinder (2%)