Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

This Girl Rocks For Calling Out Curry

I'm loving this 9 year old girl! Last week, a young lady named Riley Morrison wrote a letter to Steph Curry, asking him why his Under Armour "Curry 5" basketball shoes only came in boys sizes. Riley, who plays basketball, really wanted a pair, as she is starting a new season of basketball soon. Riley's dad, Chris, posted Riley's handwritten letter to Steph on his Instagram account. Not only did Steph reply, but he's going to make sure the issue is fixed as soon as possible. Curry also let Riley know that he is sending her a pair of the "Curry 5’s" now, and that Riley would be one of the very first kids to get a pair of the "Curry 6's".

Props to Riley for standing up for girl basketball players, and to Curry for not only answering Riley, but for making sure that the issue gets fixed. Nice! Steph is a class act, and I hope Riley's basketball season rocks! Check out Riley's letter, and Steph's response here. Great story!