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Which holidays do you associate with candy? I think of Halloween first, then Easter, but not Christmas. The only candy I would call “Christmas candy” is the candy cane. Everything else is simply candy. But online retailer sees it differently.

According to the latest data, candy canes are the favorite Christmas candy in Delaware, Georgia, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington. I accept that chocolate Santas are only appropriate during the holiday season, so North Dakota and Wyoming are still in bounds. Peppermint bark is Christmas-y, too, but only because it includes bits of candy cane. That’s the favorite in Kansas, Nevada, Tennessee, Wisconsin, West Virginia. As far as I’m concerned, the list should end here, but it continues.

The list also includes something called reindeer corn, the favorite so-called “Christmas candy” in five states. I’m sorry, Alabama, Connecticut, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Utah. You’ve been had. Reindeer corn is nothing but nasty candy corn masquerading as a Yuletide treat. You’re not fooling me with those red and green stripes. I smell a conspiracy.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

The rest of the candies on the list are also suspect. They’re just well-known brands that you see in stores all year round. For example, North Carolina’s favorite “Christmas candy” is Snickers. Really? The only difference is the Christmas tree shape and holiday wrapper. South Carolina’s favorite is M&M’s. The red and green M&M’s taste exactly the same as the blue and yellow ones.

Shouldn’t the standard for what can and cannot bear the name “Christmas” be a bit more stringent? If I pop a piece of Hubba Bubba in my mouth while standing under mistletoe, should I call it “Christmas gum?” Of course not. That would be ridiculous.

Look, you can eat whatever you want. If you want to fill your stockings with Cadbury Creme Eggs and Marshmallow Peeps, knock yourself out. But don’t call it “Christmas candy.” I mean, just because you’re eating Pez out of Frosty the Snowman’s head doesn’t make it any Christmas-ier than if you pull it out of Captain America’s noggin on the Fourth of July .

The Most Popular “Christmas Candy” In Every State:

  • Reese’s Cup Minis – Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas
  • Candy Canes – Delaware, Georgia, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington
  • M&M’s – District of Columbia, Iowa, Idaho, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia
  • Peppermint Bark – Kansas, Nevada, Tennessee, Wisconsin, West Virginia
  • Reindeer Corn – Alabama, Connecticut, Michigan, Rhode Island, Utah
  • Snickers – Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, New York
  • Starburst – Arkansas, Hawaii, Missouri, Oklahoma
  • Hershey’s Kisses – Alaska, Colorado, Nebraska
  • Pez – Louisiana, New Mexico, Ohio
  • Chocolate Santas – North Dakota, Wyoming
  • Reese’s Pieces – Montana